2019 Free-to-attend workshops

Healthcare Real Estate Valuation

In the current economic environment, alternate real estate asset classes (such as healthcare & education assets) are becoming popular investment options as investors are seeking to diversify their portfolio risk and earn long term stable returns. When considering an investment opportunity in the healthcare sector many questions come to mind.

Cognizant of the challenges being faced by professionals, Knight Frank has designed a workshop that aims to address these critical questions in light of the Taqeem and RICS standards supported by real life examples.

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HKS seminar

Designing a modern university hospital needs different aspects including future in-room technology, environmentally conscious, patient experience and the impact on the community among others.

HKS will host a seminar to present the challenges designers face and the best solutions to tackle these challenges.

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Al Dawaa Pharmacies workshop

In line with the 2030 vision and its concept of Patient safety, Al-Dawaa Pharmacies provide citizens with extreme care by professional pharmacists.

Al-Dawaa pharmacies play an important role in the quality of citizen health with more than 800 location all over the kingdom.

Al-Dawaa pharmacies workshop will be offering a conference and practical solutions about the Role of pharmacist in the community.

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Indoor Hygiene workshop

Indoor Hygiene is Infection Prevention and Control with Built Environment. We need new and innovative solutions to tackle the global threat of epidemic causing microbes and antibiotic resistant microbes, hand hygiene is not enough. The spreading of infections can be prevented by Indoor Hygiene solutions!

IHMEC is a successful project that is supported by the European Union. IHMEC connects professionals in planning, design, construction, and furnishing indoor spaces to form Indoor Hygiene solutions. This workshop brings together academics and innovative companies from Finland, Sweden and Estonia, and presents new and tailor-made Indoor Hygiene solutions.


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Dar Engineering workshop

DAR ENGINEERING presentation promises to provide latest Healthcare Facilities Design, New and Upcoming Trends in Healthcare Industries around the world.

The presenting solutions from the industry covering Specialization, Community healthcare, Wellness and Prevention, Hospitality influence, Flexibility and reuse, Rooms and wards. .


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ACCUMED extends a warm invite during the Global Health Exhibition to a business networking brunch and discussion on:

  • KSA Vision 2030 for Health Transformation
  • Dependable Health Information for Decision Making
  • Documentation – Coding – Auditing – Reporting

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