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Beyond the event: Unforgettable experiences in Riyadh

Attending the Global Health Exhibition this year? 

Take advantage of your stay to uncover the captivating capital of Saudi Arabia. Discover a vibrant blend of adventure, history, and relaxation, perfect for every traveller.

22 - 24 October 2024

Riyadh Convention & Exhibition Centre, Malham, Saudi Arabia

Local Excursions

From breathtaking landscapes from the Edge of the World to pure relaxation in the ultimate spa experiences, Riyadh has everything you need to provide a well-rounded trip to suit every preference.

The Edge of the World is the name of a 1,131m cliff between Riyadh and the end of the Tuwaik Mountain range and shows a breathtaking view. Hike to the top for breathtaking desert views.

Riyadh has a lot to offer from desert quad bike rides to go karting, you can continue to book a variety of activities below:

Relax and Rejuvenate by escaping the city bustle

Escape the City Bustle: Find tranquillity at Dirab Golf & Country Club, offering stunning scenery and luxurious amenities.

Indulge in Spa Bliss: Treat yourself to rejuvenating spa and beauty treatments tailored to your desires.

Eat and Unwind

Immerse yourself in the city's diverse culinary scene, unwind in chic cafes, and explore bustling shopping malls. Whether seeking authentic flavours, trendy vibes, or moments of relaxation, Riyadh caters to every preference.

Local culinary gems:

Savour tradition: Journey through Saudi Arabia's culinary heritage at Alsaudi Restaurant, savouring kabsa, qursan, and more.

Regional delights: Uncover the unique tastes of Jizan, Hijaz, Najd, and Hasawi at Suhail Restaurant. Makki Corner offers a different experience of mathlotha and madfoon. Otherwise, Maqoluba Restaurant provides a delicious blend of flavours in stir-fried vegetables served with rice and chicken.

Modern twists: Enjoy contemporary takes on classics at Najd Village Restaurant, offering an immersive dining experience.


Where to take a break:

Freshly brewed bliss: Start your day right with Camel Step's strong, creamy coffee, made with local expertise.

Sweet sensations: Savor the perfect blend of caramel and coffee at Brand  Coffee.

Rooftop retreats: Sip mocktails and bask in panoramic city views at The Zone or Oud Square.

Hookah lounges: Unwind in stylish settings and enjoy flavourful shisha at 83 Coffee, Clementina, Black Sky Lounge, and more.

Shopping malls:

Pamper yourself at any of these shopping malls:


A Guide to Riyadh

Climate and Dress Code

Winter in Riyadh: October to February brings cooler weather, with peaks in December and January (7-20°C). Dress warmly, and be prepared for rain.

Dress Code: Respectful attire is key. While establishments have individual guidelines, some general principles apply:

  • Public Places: Loose-fitting clothing covering elbows and below the ankle is recommended for both men and women.
  • Religious Sites: Modest attire is mandatory. Women can wear an
    abaya over their regular clothes.
  • Beaches: While not mandatory, modest attire is recommended.

Culture and Etiquette

Etiquette: Respectful behaviour is essential. Avoid
loudness, bad language, and invading personal space.

Religion: Understand and respect prayer times and
Ramadan observances.

Alcohol & Substances: Their sale, purchase, and consumption are illegal in Saudi Arabia.

Learn Some Arabic: Basic phrases can enhance your
experiences and connections.

Photography: Ask permission before taking pictures of people, government buildings, and infrastructure.


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