Date: Thursday, 12 September 2019
Time: 10:30am-11:30am
Location: Room 2, Opp Hall 3 


“When designing University Hospitals, Designers need to understand not only how residents and interns care for patients, but also how they learn medicine.”

Learning objectives:

  • Learn the latest trends in designing University
  • Flexibility in designing university hospitals
  • The future in-room technology
  • The principals of environmentally conscious design,
    construction, and operational plans
  • The fundamentals of healthcare education to future
    doctors and the impact of research components
  • Patient experience and its impact on accreditation
  • The challenges between open-learning environment and
    patient privacy
  • The impact of university hospital to the community



  • Ala Hason, RA Senior Vice President, Director of MENA Region HKS Architects


Ala Hason, RA Senior Vice President, Director of MENA Region HKS Architects

“Great architecture is true sustainable development, which respects the heritage and the cultural values of the area, implementing lasting social, economic and physical growth and prosperity for generations to come.” Ala brings a global perspective to all of his work. His influence can be seen around the world though projects in Kuwait, Syria, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Eritrea, Bahrain, Qatar, Lebanon, Algeria, and China, as well as several large-scale projects in the U.S.A Today, he believes a successful project is one that is impacted by local context and heritage. By keeping this in mind, Ala is determined to continuously learn about a client’s business and how architecture can help them achieve their goals. “The possibilities are endless; there is always something new to learn,” Ala specializes in master planning and urban design, hospitality, healthcare, and entertainment, office, corporate headquarters, mixed use, and transportation projects, as well as, higher education and museum facilities.

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