Selat, shaping healthcare's financial future 

Comprehensive RCM Solutions:
Selat offers end-to-end Revenue Cycle Management services to healthcare organizations. From appointment scheduling to claim submission and payment collection, we manage the entire revenue cycle. Our solutions ensure streamlined operations, reduced costs, and optimized financial performance.  

RCM Consultations and Strategic Guidance:
Selat's RCM Consultation services involve in-depth assessments, strategy development, and implementation support. We work closely with healthcare providers to design and execute customized RCM strategies, addressing their unique challenges and goals.  

Accurate and Compliant Clinical Coding:
We provide clinical coding services to ensure that medical records are accurately coded, in compliance with healthcare regulations. Accurate coding is crucial for proper claims processing, reduced denials, and improved revenue.  

Cost Management Services and Medical Billing:
Selat offers expert medical billing services to streamline the billing process and reduce errors. Additionally, our costing services help healthcare organizations manage their expenses efficiently, contributing to financial success.  

Education and Training through Nawa, The Training Arm:
Advancing Healthcare Knowledge: Nawa, our training arm, is committed to educating and training healthcare professionals. We offer a variety of programs that focus on RCM trends, strategies, and best practices, Coding and Billing and Evidence Based Practices.  

 AI-Empowered Solutions Through Core, Our Technical Arm: 
Harnessing AI for Efficiency: Core, our technological and AI solutions division, leverages artificial intelligence to enhance various aspects of healthcare operations. These solutions optimize patient care, streamline administrative tasks, and reduce costs, contributing to overall efficiency and excellence in healthcare management.