Da’am System and E-Paramedic

Da’am System is a pioneering and multi-tech system. It is a set of programs to manage, monitor communications from various sources and escalate them to competent departments and authorities. It targets government and private entities that receive communications.    

Da’am System goals: 

  • Improve efficiency 
  • Support decision-making  
  • Achieve fast response 
  • Instant censorship 
  • Systems integration   

Da’am System features:   

  • Determine the closest and appropriate team  
  • Connect call centers  
  • Guide to the fastest route  
  • Document reports and information  
  • Facilitate communication process  
  • Display live data  
  • Speed data transfer  
  • Direct monitoring of business progress 

Da’am System won second place in Dubai International Police Award for the best call centers for government agencies. 

It is an online app for all the paramedic tasks and field procedures. It monitors the communication until the emergency case is closed. 


E-Paramedic App goals:  

  • Raise the quality of ambulance services  
  • Increase response speed  
  • Accelerate communication and data transfer  
  • Improve efficiency and productivity

E-Paramedic App features: 

  • Available on tablets  
  • Direct live tracking  
  • View detailed data and reports  
  • Receive communications directly  
  • Determine the fastest route to the emergency location
  • Text messaging between ambulance teams and operation room 


In Sahab, we are proud of receiving praise from the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud for our E-Paramedic app. He wrote - May Allah protect him.  We reviewed the telegram of the Minister of Communications and Information Technology, the Chairman of the National Committee for Digital Transformation, regarding the National Digital Transformation Achievements semi-annual report of 2019. We thank your Excellency and the Ministry employees for these achievements: (mawid), (Sehhaty), and (E-Paramedic App). We ask Allah all the best for our Kingdom.”