Interview with Mohanned Alrasheed

Chief Executive Officer
Lean Business Services


Tell us about your presence, operations and focus areas on the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia? 

Lean was established in 2017, with a mission to drive healthcare innovation for a better life. Our aim is to create smart, data-driven, and reliable solutions. We thrive on collaborating with various healthcare partners to build strong business models that fuel industry growth and continual improvements. 

Our core focus revolves around four key areas. First, we're passionate about Business Solutions, offering smart, automated digital tools. Next, we're all about Population Health, working to improve well-being through data-informed decisions. In Healthcare, we're dedicated to making healthcare accessible anytime, anywhere through user-friendly solutions. Lastly, System Integration is crucial as we strive to bring various healthcare services together for seamless coordination and centralized data sources. 

As a local/foreign entity, what are your thoughts on the healthcare industry in Saudi Arabia and its recent development? 

As a local company, we're genuinely excited about the recent developments in Saudi Arabia's healthcare industry. Over the past decade to fifteen years, we've witnessed a notable transition away from short-lived initiatives toward more sustainable, enduring efforts. This shift is closely intertwined with the influence of Vision 2030, which has ushered in significant transformations in the public sector, the economy, and society as a whole. 

Our strategic approach has adapted to this evolving landscape. We've taken on a pivotal role in initiatives that transcend borders, ensuring not only the long-term success of our solutions but also amplifying their impact across diverse domains. Saudi Arabia is now leading the way, setting a compelling example in healthcare industry development.This shift embodies a promising and forward-thinking approach to industry growth. 

In your opinion, please identify some key areas of growth and the role your organization is playing.

In a relatively short period of six years, Lean implementation in Saudi Arabia has made a significant impact. One of the remarkable achievements during this time has been our role in responding to the global pandemics. Such experience emphasized the importance of making quick decisions, especially when faced with urgent situations that don't allow for extensive research and planning. Instead, it taught us to be agile and decisive.  

This experience also highlighted the benefits of incorporating modern technologies, innovative problem-solving techniques, and tools like simulations and predictive models for making well-informed decisions. The effectiveness of these data-driven solutions became evident and demonstrated their potential to drive meaningful change and progress. 

Tell us about your portfolio, recent achievements, and goals for the next 12 months.  

One of the cornerstones of our portfolio is the development of unified medical records. This initiative is focused on facilitating the seamless exchange of clinical data among healthcare professionals across the Kingdom. This not only offers patients greater transparency but also empowers them to take control of their personal health management. The potential impact of this project on both the economy and public health is substantial, promising to significantly enhance the overall quality of life for individuals. 

In the immediate future, our primary focus is on enhancing the recognition of our mission within the healthcare industry. Our active involvement in the Saudi Transformation Program has yielded remarkable results over the past five years. Looking ahead, we are dedicated to actively seeking opportunities to extend our initiatives beyond the Kingdom's borders. We are currently exploring potential collaborations with other GCC nations and weighing the possibilities of global expansion. 

What will you be showcasing at the Global Health Exhibition 2023 and what are you looking forward to most at the event?

As platinum sponsors of the Global Health Exhibition 2023, we're thrilled to be part of an event that dives deep into the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare technology. We will showcase how can Lean products bridge the gap between the future healthcare lifestyles and the present through different solutions Yamamah: Population health management system, AXN: the unified platform for advanced data insights, Raqeem: cloud Digital Health solution Record, The Symptoms checker chatbot, and many more like the digital health solutions Ayenati, Teleradiology, E-prescription along with Seha and Anat platforms and how can they link the health entities with the Health practitioners. Make sure to join us at our booth, H3.C30.

 We're genuinely excited about the chance to connect with everyone in the healthcare industry. It's a platform for lively discussions about the latest trends and cutting-edge technologies. Together, we can explore the promising future of healthcare alongside fellow industry players and innovators.