Pathology and Medical Laboratory Conference

Theme: Recent advancements and innovation in pathology and laboratory medicine 

and Medical Laboratory Conference 

الباثولوجيا و المختبر الطبي


Recent advancements and innovation in pathology and laboratory medicine 

The laboratory in a hospital is a fundamental and valuable component to the overall care given to a patient. The one-day Pathology and Medical Laboratory Conference will go in depth to look at how the laboratory can improve on results using new technology, while also saving costs and providing stronger outcomes for the patients. 

With the healthcare system moving towards preventative and value-based medicine, the medical laboratory will have a significant role to play in this improvement. This conference will bring together experts from around KSA and the greater region to ensure necessary discussions that will lead to further research and development in key diagnostic areas. As well as discuss the challenges faced, with stimulating conversations on how to improve and face these difficulties. 

Key topics:

  • Molecular diagnostics and personalised medicine
  • Accreditation and quality management 
  • Efficient management of laboratories 
  • Role of POCT in improving patient outcomes 
  • Next generation sequencing
  • Laboratory errors: how to avoid and manage them and implications for patient management

Benefits of attending:

  • Review the emerging biomarkers for prostate cancer 
  • Discuss the challenges of developing a laboratory test 
  • Evaluate benefits associated with the implementation of digital pathology
  • Recognise both emerging and reemerging multi-drug resistant pathogens

Scientific Commitee:

Conference Chair: 

  • Dr Kamel Mohamed Aldosari, Consultant Haemapathologist and Transfusion Medicine, Ministry of Health, Riyadh, KSA

Who should attend:

  • Pathologists
  • Clinical pathologist
  • Chemical pathologists
  • Laboratory directors
  • Laboratory technicians
  • Heads of laboratory
  • Laboratory in-charge
  • Laboratory managers
  • Laboratory supervisors
  • Chiefs of laboratory
  • Laboratory technologists
  • Professor of laboratory medicine
  • Quality officers
  • Immunologists
  • Oncologists
  • Microbiologists
  • Histopathologists
  • Haematologists
  • Haematopathologists
  • Clinical chemists
  • Molecular biologists