Transformation zone

The Transformation Zone 

Global Health will host first-ever transformation zone on it's show floor in 2023, the feature will allow the attendees to hear from the industry's experts and thought leaders about the ground breaking innovations and emerging technologies.

Live edition

2-4 October 2023

Riyadh Exhibition & Convention Center, KSA (Malham)


17 Sep - 18 Oct 2023

Transforming the future of healthcare

Get ready to be at the centre of all the action at the Global Health Exhibition, where the Transformation Zone will unveil the latest cutting-edge advancements and ground-breaking ideas in healthcare. Join trailblazers, visionaries, industry experts, and tech titans from the country as they reveal the latest insights, future predictions, and revolutionary medical and technological breakthroughs.

Join visionaries who are revolutionizing healthcare industry and gain insight into the biggest issues driving the industry as well as explore strategies for meaningful innovation within the region.

Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity!

Transformation zone features


Join the trailblazers who are revolutionizing healthcare industry. Explore the latest
innovations and technologies and gain valuable insights into the major challenges driving the healthcare landscape. Get inspired by these visionary leaders and learn how they are paving the way for a brighter future of healthcare.



We are excited to bring back the Innov8 start-up competition at Global Health 2023! See how the next generation of healthcare pioneers are disrupting the healthcare industry with their ground-breaking ideas and solutions.

Business in Saudi Arabia

Unlock your business potential in Saudi Arabia with our new feature! Whether you're a dealer, distributor, manufacturer, or looking to establish a business, we've got you covered with interactive workshops that focus on topics like supply chain, medical device procurement, medical device regulation, and more!  


Healthcare companies of any size will have the opportunity to showcase their cutting-edge products and innovative solutions, while networking with top manufacturers and distributors of medical equipment and devices across KSA.