How to Apply for a Saudi Visa


The Saudi Arabia visa application form will only take a few minutes to complete. To avoid delays and possible rejections, candidates should make sure that all the sections are answered fully and accurately.

The information provided on the application form will be screened using several databases. It is essential that the passport details stated on the application match the passport used to travel, otherwise the Saudi Visa will not be valid.

Once the Saudi Visa application form has been submitted and processed, the approved Visa will be sent to the traveller by email. A copy will need to be shown upon entry to Saudi Arabia, along with the corresponding passport.

If you are a GCC resident, then you are automatically eligible for a streamlined visa application process.

Visa Application Process


1. Pre-registration

To facilitate the visa through the organisers of Global Health Exhibition, you must pre-register as visitor/delegate. If you have not yet registered, please register now through the below links:


2. Visa application

Upon completion of your pre-registration to Global Health Exhibition and having received your Unique Registration Number, please do the following:

Click here and download visa application form. Note the below requirements:

o   Type of Visa (1) MUST be: Event visit visa

o   Type of Visa (2) MUST be: Single entry

o   Job Title MUST match the Job Title stated in your GCC residency document (when applicable)

- Once you have completed the visa application form, please email it to along with the below documents:

o   A clear copy of your valid passport (must have minimum 6 months validity and 2 blank pages)

o  If Resident in GCC, Copy of Residence Permit.

Upon successful submission of your application, our team will verify your documents and submit them to the KSA authority.



  • This visa /invitation letter is not for performing Hajj & Umrah. Youcannot go for Hajj & Umrah during your visit to Saudi Arabia while you are on an event visit visa.
  • To avoid Saudi visa rules violations, kindly leave before the expiry date of the visa. Failure to abide with these rules may result in departing you from Saudi Arabia and a ban on your entry for a period of five years. We are not responsible for any penalties on this regard.