Over 150 beneficiaries of medication home delivery service by Prince Nasser Al-Sudairy Hospital-Al-Ghat

By Ministry of Health | 7 June 2020  

Prince Nasser bin Saad Al-Sudairy Hospital- Al-Ghat Province has provided medication home delivery service to 150 beneficiaries since the service was launched. The initiative comes as part of the precautionary measures taken by Riyadh Health Affairs to contain Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) and curb its spread, to limit gatherings, to provide all types of services for patients and visitors and to encourage citizens and residents to stay at home. 

The work mechanism includes receiving the prescriptions by the hospital’s pharmacy, which verifies the approved prescription before calling the patient and inform him of delivering the medications and medical supplies. Then, a medical team receives the medications and notifies the patient on the delivery time via a text message.