Interview with Meshal Abushaibah

HHD Home Healthcare LLC

Tell us about the organisation you lead and its role in the healthcare industry.

HHD Home Healthcare is the first home-based hemodialysis service provider in the GCC offering the exclusive "Renal Nurse Assisted” feature. Established in 2013, our main offices are in the UAE — Abu Dhabi and Dubai — both of which are accredited by Joint Commission International (JCI). HHD also expanded its services to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with headquarters in Riyadh, as well as Kuwait. The HHD team consists of 250 healthcare professionals in UAE and over 80 in KSA, from doctors to biomedical engineers, nurses and technicians, providing hemodialysis treatment using the FDA-approved NxStage System One technology, a portable dialysis machine. Presently, HHD is providing services to more than 400 patients, seeking RRT over the GCC.

We offer hemodialysis sessions in the comfort of patients’ homes, supported by doctors and nurses qualified in renal therapy. Our services are supported by a fully operational logistic supply chain to provide all the consumables and disposables required for a complete clinical hemodialysis session. HHD HOME HEMODIALYSIS has a great role in developing dialysis services, especially for elderly and bedridden patients, by providing world-class healthcare services, keeping pace with technological advances, and attracting the best expertise in this field. It has a major role in increasing capacity and reducing the cost of the health sector.


Tell us about your regional/global presence, the strategic journey into Saudi Arabia’s health sector and your organisational goals for the year 2023 in the country.

HHD HOME HEMODIALYSIS is available in most of the Arab Gulf countries specifically Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Kuwait. Our strategy is to provide world-class dialysis services that reflect positively on a large segment of dialysis patients in the Arab Gulf region, as well as help the health sector reduce the costs of health care and improve the quality of life of patients. Our goal in 2023 is to continue at the top of home hemodialysis and enrol more patients to reduce the gap in requirements for HHD services specifically in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.


What are your thoughts on Saudi Arabia’s ongoing transformation from a healthcare perspective and its potential for investors in the region?

Part of KSA vision 2030 objectives are to increase the private sector market share, improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the healthcare sector through the use of information technology and digital transformation, and improve the quality of life and healthcare service provided to patients outside hospitals. The direction of KSA Vision 2030 will improve capacity planning and open the door for the private sector to increase investments in profitable activities, especially Home Healthcare Services.


Based on your observation, what would you say are some of the key areas of development and growth in Saudi Arabia’s healthcare industry?

The development of the health sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia must be accompanied by a data healthcare infrastructure and a common healthcare language by all healthcare stakeholders to efficiently manage healthcare spending and perfectly manage the relationship between payers and providers. 


Looking at Global Health Exhibition 2022, what are the state-of-the-art products/services your organisation will showcase at the event, and what opportunities are in store for visitors?

  • Display our portable innovative dialysis machine, and give more insights into the technology, our dialysis program ventures, and its regional presence.
  • Meet the HHD Team to gain complete information on our services and technology.
  • Free lab test vouchers for early detection and prevention of CKD.