Interview with Dr. Saeed Alamoudi

Al Borg Diagnostics

Tell us about yourself, the organization you lead, and its role in the healthcare industry. 

I am Dr. Saeed Alamoudi bearing King Saud Board in Hematology, Kings College Hospital Sub-specialty in Stem Cell Transplantation, Cord Blood Banking, Former Laboratory Director Blood Bank and Regional Lab Director in the Western region, and I am currently CEO of Al Borg Diagnostics. Al Borg Diagnostics is a state-of-the-art medical diagnostics laboratory stretching throughout KSA with 72 active sites and a presence in eight countries. Al Borg Diagnostics is a publicly listed company on Saudi Stock Exchange, and it is the 13th fastest growing company in the Kingdom. 


Tell us about your regional/global presence, the strategic journey into Saudi Arabia’s health sector, and your organizational goals for the year 2023 in the country.

During the crisis, many solutions were developed. We have undergone a rapid evolution with priorities and changes. Mainly, we prioritized Digital Transformation. Al Borg developed a mobile application to respond to rapidly changing customer needs, and further improved our E-commerce digital platform which enables us to make better, faster, and smarter decisions, improve the performance of the business, and manage risks. We also inaugurated over 25 additional branches in the year 2022 to give more access to our customers to our state-of-the-art laboratories and collection sites.

Al Borg is currently present in eight countries and we plan to continue our local and regional expansion in the years to follow.In 2023, our organizational goal is to continue fulfilling its vision and mission, which is to be the preferred lab diagnostics services provider in any geography and population of MENA. We will introduce new services and enlarge the scope of the R&D department to reduce the cost of reagents. We will do all lab testing in-house rather than send it overseas as part of our Localization Plan. Expanding and increasing partnership with private and governmental health care sector, engaging in PSP (Private Sector Participation) initiative led by MOH. I will motivate my team members and increase productivity especially now that we are in publicly listed company on the Saudi Stock Exchange.


What are your thoughts on Saudi Arabia’s ongoing transformation from a healthcare perspective and its potential for investors in the region?

We are ready. I believe that Al Borg Diagnostics is equipped in adapting the ongoing healthcare transformation. I trust the capabilities of my team. My team are the growth drivers that will help us maintain and protect the organization growth plans.


Based on your observation, what would you say are some of the key areas of development and growth in Saudi Arabia’s healthcare industry?

Based on my observation, the key areas of development and growth in Saudi Arabia’s healthcare industry is the Digital Transformation that health sectors offer where the patients or customers easily adapted to it due to the ongoing global pandemic coronavirus disease. Healthcare modernization improves patient care, experiences, and outcomes. It is also notable that the shift to the Value-based approach will have a great impact on patients/customers outcomes, moreover, this impact will be reflected on the payers in the short-term and on the utilization efficiency of long-term.


Looking at Global Health Exhibition 2022, what are the state-of-the-art products/services your organization will showcase at the event, and what opportunities are in store for visitors? 

Al Borg Diagnostics launched Al Borg+ Subscription Model this mid-year and a few months later launched three comprehensive programs under Population Health Management. We will be showcasing our new products during this exhibition and give our visitors an in-depth view of the benefits and amazing value they can gain from our new products.


Please share some of your recent and upcoming organizational goals for the coming year. 

Our goal is to continue being a vital player in the Clinical Diagnostics segment of the healthcare industry offering unique and high-quality patient care services backed by state-of-the-art technology, over 83 international accreditations, over 1,000 doctors and medical staff, and 24 years of market experience. We will continue following the leads of Vision 2030 and its inspiring initiatives to cover the main domains, Accessibility, Value, and Patient prevention & safety.