Dr Hazem Darweesh Zagzoug

Deputy Chairman & CEO, Andalusia Group for Medical Services

1. What does KSA mean to you and your business?
KSA is one of the largest markets in MENA region, that has always been in the forefront of healthcare service innovation in the region. We have originated from the Saudi market to be a regional player in healthcare industry covering the two largest markets Saudi Arabia, and Egypt. We will always have KSA market in the center of our attention.

2. How does KSA fit into your business plans, in the context of the Middle East?
Obviously a cornerstone in our geographical presence. We have a chain of specialized clinics covering different health and wellness domains; such as: dental, cosmetics, andrology, pediatrics, and women health. The chain covers different parts of Jeddah from south to north. Recent capital injection in our financial structure and number of agreements with local banks, will take these clinics from 6 to 16 specialized clinics.

3. What current trends do you see specifically in the KSA healthcare industry and what do you see as the growth areas going forward?
The wholistic approach to care and wellness are gaining traction, and the need for innovative service is growing. Better educated and aware Saudi society are hungry for life style change, and wellness is in the center of it. Consumers will not be satisfied with old hospital or healthcare service models. Higher expectation across the board is an opportunity to be seized.

4. What do you see as being the biggest opportunities in the KSA healthcare industry in the next 2-5 years?
It depends on different players strategy, but definitely there is clear demand that needs better quality medical services. This can be done by alliances with current local players or PPP.

5. How does Vision 2030 fit into your business plans?
Vision 2030 focus on enhancing the vitality and wellness of the Saudi society. We have embraced the spirit of 2030 in our two latest state of the art projects “Andalusia kids and ladies wellness”. We believe the 2030 Saudi society need for innovative service models and the need for wellness focus instead of sickness models.

6. What role do you feel PPP will play in the KSA healthcare industry in the coming years, and how might this impact your business?
I have clear understanding of the value of PPP to privatize the healthcare industry. If done right, it can benefit the community, the industry, and the country as a general. We should ensure that we build a healthy industry structure, with clear competitiveness rules, that allow existing private sectors players to strive. PPP could be a very useful model to advance the industry or a force of destruction if not well managed.

7. What new products or innovative technology will you be showcasing at Global Health Exhibition 2019?
Innovation is a core value in Andalusia Group DNA. We have launched in 2018, “Andalusia Kids Wellness Center” that is state of the art, wholistic approach to kids health and wellness, in a safe and super fun environment. As well this year will launch our ultra luxury, all-new women health and wellness concept “Andalusia Ladies wellness center”. Both projects shows Andalusia commitment to world-class wellness trends for the whole family. A new hospital concept will be announced during the exhibition.

Our new “Andalusia Hai Al Jamea Hospital” has our values, and our vision for hospital of the future in the design of our new facility. We expect to break ground end of this year, and have the new 170 beds ready for operation by 2021.

8. What, according to you, are the real benefits and opportunities available to healthcare and trade professionals to attend Global Health Exhibition?
High value networking is one of the highest values in attending Global Health Exhibition. Scientific and industry trends are always presented inside and around the presentation halls. Meeting world industry leaders is another clear benefits.

Dr Hazem Darweesh Zagzoug

Deputy Chairman & CEO, Andalusia Group for Medical Services

Dr. Zagzoug is the Deputy Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Andalusia Group for Medical Services, which owns and manages hospitals and specialized clinics chain in Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Dr. Zagzoug holds a bachelor’s degree in Medicine & Surgery from King Abdul Azizi University, Jeddah – KSA. He holds Master's Business Administration from Glasgow Caledonian University, Glasgow, UK.. Dr. Zagzoug is the second generation family member to share in running Andalusia Group, which is a private company specializing in Hospital management. The group was founded in 1984, with a single Hospital in Jeddah by its entrepreneur Dr. Darweesh Zagzoug.

Dr. Zagzoug has joined the group in 1999 and since that time the group has witnessed great expansions and improvements in term of quality, size, customer base and turnover. In Addition, Dr. Zagzoug has many articles in different Saudi Newspapers covering all the hot issues in Healthcare, medical insurance and business for the sake of the kingdom and its citizens.


  • 1998-2000 Glasgow Caledonian University Glasgow, UK
    MBA “Master’s Business Administration”.
  • 1998-1999 Glasgow University Glasgow, UK
    MSc. In Medical Genetics
  • 1990-1997 King Abdul Aziz University Jeddah. KSA
    Bachelor in Medicine and Surgery.


  • 1994 Tufts University Boston, USA
    1 month summer rotation in General Medicine
    1 month summer rotation in General Surgery.
  • 1995 Tufts University Boston, USA
    1 month summer rotation in Neurosurgery.


  • President of the Private Hospitals Committee in Jeddah Chamber of Commerce.
  • Vice President of the National Committee for the Private Hospitals in the Council of Saudi Chambers. In Riyadh.
  • Member of the American College of Healthcare Executives-USA.
  • Member of Entrepreneur’s Organization.(EO)
  • Member of YPO-WPO.
  • Member of Young Arab Leaders (YAL).
  • Member of Alexandria Business Association.
  • Member of American Chamber of Commerce in Egypt.
  • Member of Saudi-Egyptian Business Council.
  • Former Vice President of the Health committee in Jeddah Chamber of Commerce. Head of the internal cooperation Subcommittee.
  • Former Vice President and Member of the National Healthcare Committee- Riyadh. Council of Saudi Chambers of Commerce