Patient Experience Conference


 Patient satisfaction is becoming increasingly more important as the patients have shifted to becoming more like consumers in healthcare. This is a key indicator when evaluating and improving the quality of health care. This is a fundamental aspect that has been recognized in Saudi Arabia, and the Ministry of Health is developing strategic healthcare reforms to enhance the delivery of better patient care and experiences which is in line with their 2030 vision for healthcare transformation. Because of this shift, the Global Health Congress is introducing a new one-day Patient Experience Conference to further discuss what is being done, what needs to be done and how patients can have better access to high quality, affordable and seamless care.  

Theme: Theme: Enhancing the patient experience strategy to drive change in healthcare

  • Care technology and innovation
  • The latest updates in patient centered care
  • Cost reduction, while maintaining quality
  • Physician burnout: how to avoid this  
  • Learn from the experiences of both international and local speakers when developing better patient experience practices