Hospital Build Conference


 With the healthcare sector in the Middle East continuing to witness a phase of major growth and transformation, we welcome a brand-new track to Global Health - The Hospital Build conference.   Bringing together a wide spectrum of senior participants ranging from C-levels and government ministers to investors and healthcare planners, this two-day high-level programme presents a unique and key platform for all international and regional stakeholders, concerned with healthcare infrastructure.  The expert conference committee will address the total lifecycle of delivering a healthcare facility, including:. 

  • Planning
  • Investment
  • Designing
  • Equipping
  • Operation
  • Attend to, exchange best practice procedures, discuss techniques for successful strategic collaborations, recognise the latest developments and innovations and to identify how to improve ROI and ensure operational efficiency    

    Theme: Improving patient care quality through hospital build transformation  

    • Big trends and the new global health economy
    • GCC healthcare: New demands and disruptors
    • Funding, finance and PPP’s
    • Regulatory considerations
    • Proper preparation, planning and procurement: How to plan, design build a hospital
    • Strategic innovation
    • Micro-hospital design and affordable healthcare facilities
    • Medical equipment planning and healthcare technology assessment
    • Renovation and facility upgrades
    • Development of specialised hospitals
    • Business and operational planning – the blue print
    • The future of hospital management and integrated health systems
    Advisory Board:
    • Henry Chao, Health and Wellness Practice Strategist, AE7, Dubai, UAE
    • Frederico Ramos, Design Director, DAR Engineering, Riyadh, KSA
    • Ben Gonzalez, Vice President & Director - MENA, HKS Health, Dubai, UAE
    • Bryan Semple, VP International, Attania, London, UK
    • Rebecca Samuel, Consulting Manager, GE Healthcare Partners, Dubai, UAE
    • Ahmed Yousuf Mahmood, Associate Director - Project & Export Finance, HSBC, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
    • Amy Porteous, Senior Healthcare Architect, ARC-IDC, Lisbon, Portugal 
    • Dr Armin Ernst, CEO, Steward Health Care International, Boston, USA
    • Arnaud Bauer, Managing Director, Advention, Dubai, UAE
    • Bradlee Kellogg, Director of Consulting, Houston Methodist, Dubai, UAE
    • Kate Orviss, Partner, Pinsent Masons LLP, London, UK
    • Dr Malek Almoosa, CEO, Almoosa Hospitals, Riyadh, KSA
    • Dr Mohammed Rahman, Senior Managed Equipment Services Manager, IHS Operations, Medtronic, Dubai, UAE
    • Mansoor Ahmed, Director, Development Solutions, Healthcare Education & PPP, Colliers International, Dubai, UAE
    • Dr Usamah Mossallam, Chief Medical Officer, Henry Ford Health System, Michigan, USA
    • Dr Upali Nanda, Associate Professor, Taubman School of Architecture and Urban Planning, University of Michigan, Principal and Director of Research, HKS, Michigan, USA
    • Dr Rafat Foud Taher, CEO, VPS Healthcare, Riyadh, KSA
    • Dr Sarper Tanli, CEO, Manzil Healthcare Services, Dubai, UAE
    • Shehzad Jamal, Partner, Knight Frank, Dubai, UAE
    • Sinclair Hutcheson, Head of Architecture, Dar Engineering, Riyadh, KSA
    Benefits of Attending: :
    • Recognise the current healthcare build environment across the GCC, considering growth drivers, challenges, key trends and industry developments
    • Review the health economy and discuss the potential for this to how this will lead to transformation or the need to transform care delivery
    • Identify the regional disruptors enabling improved planning and to ensure your facility addresses the needs of the future
    • Gain knowledge of Saudi’s Vision 2030 plans and acquire insight on how to successfully infiltrate KSA’s healthcare infrastructure industry
    • Identify key financial risk considerations and recognise appropriate mitigation strategy
    • Investigate the essentials for a successful PPP project and evaluate how to overcome associated hurdles
    • Review best practices to build, renovate and expand healthcare facilities while procuring the right medical equipment
    • Explore how Micro-hospital designs are gearing towards affordable healthcare facilities
    • Elevate your ROI and operation efficiency by fine-tuning your business and operational planning strategy
    • Discuss the trend of developing integrated health systems and consider its role hospital management efficiency